The Venue, Colne

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105 Albert Rd, Colne BB8 0BS, UK

United Kingdom

A dark street in Colne. A chill wind tugs at your coat. You wrap it tighter around yourself, bow your head, and trudge on. But something soon grabs your attention. Music, faintly on the wind. You follow it. The music is soon joined by the smells of delicious home-cooked food. You pick up the pace. The cold doesn’t seem as biting now. Then, rounding a corner of the otherwise empty street, you see it: welcoming light spilling from the windows. Silhouettes of people laughing and drinking. A band on the stage playing your favourite song. You know where you are. The Venue. Home.

Upcoming Neil C. Young Events:

  • No events in this location
    • June 20, 2018