Palm tree anyone……..


Good day to you all, hopefully the weather is ‘cool’ enough for ye. The shorts have yet to come out just yet, but its been close a couple of days, anyhow, thats not what this is about…

Summer is here and so are a few bits of info. First up, recording is under way for a new album, working title of ‘is it brocken?’, 3 tracks recorded, 2 well under way and around a further 5 to come. This time round, it will be a trio line up, Guitar, Bass and Drums. The last project was a larger undertaking so why not contrast that eh?!

Anyhow, the first single that will be appearing very soon will be with video, and as like Hydrant, is being created by the wonderful Sahar Homami as we type/read.

There are gigs a comin this summer too, we have for you……..

Thursday 9th June – Number 39 Darwen,

Sunday 19th June – The Bridge Bierhuis, Burnley

Thursday 23rd June – Matt and Phreds, Manchester

Wednesday 20th July – The Blue Piano, Birmingham (International Blues and Jazz Festival)

Saturday July 30th – Cloudspotting Festival, Gisburn.

Thursday 11th August – Matt and Phreds, Manchester

Friday 19th August – Strays, Newark

Friday 26th August – The Venue, Colne (Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival)

Get down people apart from Cloudspotting, they’re all free!




2016, one of the most sought after years on record….well, maybe, we’ll see but, new year and a few gigs acoming. Got some new pieces being written to follow the encemble album and the trio EP. Trying to develop some new writing ideas and thoughts so we’ll see how that all goes.

Just before the festive period, the marvellous Sahar Homami created this wonderful animation for the track ‘Hydrant’. She was fantastic to work work with between here, Montreal and Berlin it was a truly intercontinental collaboration, there will be another to follow soon. This video also follows the video produced by the numero uno guy in town, Alex Cowland for the track ‘Bolo’ which you can view…………..here.

The latest releases ‘Encemble’ and ‘Trio E.P.’ have been gaining the odd review here and there over the past few weeks and months, a few are up here on the press pages but they are all on the interblip anyhow so search away folks!

Gigs are coming in one by one for 2016 so keep an eye out for em and hopefully catch you at one or all!

Happy new year y’all!

P.S. I just found this and its mesmerising in every way possible. I want more and answers as to why it took so long to find, Damn it!!! but a big thankyou to Sara McCarthy and the power of social media……anyways, please listen, watch and enjoy!

September in the rain


So, it’s finally done and the album is available here and for those who order a CD will receive a free, I repeat, a free trio EP and a badge or two. Now itunes et al won’t give you that will they now! So…………….(It as also available from all other main online shops should you prefer)

New ideas are already on the go, long awaited ‘covers’ recording is slowly taking shape and news will follow in due course. New material and projects are also taking shape and hopefully a new video or two to boot. Should keep everyone busy and warm over the autumnal months.

Upcoming gig at the Venue in Colne on October 16th for some funky shtit, and as usual, as gigs come in you’ll find out on ere and there and whatever else is linked to this site.

Hope you’re all well and hopefully you’ll enjoy the new stuff!


Laters, ladies and gents!

Na then…..


How do all, the summer is still ere, somewhere between the coldness but still here nonetheless but hopefully soon to warm us all is some new tunes courtesy of a new album and new EP!

September 7th is the release date for digital downloads from this website (and more popularly used ones….) but also if you order your CD album you’ll get a new Neil C. Young Trio EP for free! For free I tells ya, and whats more, there may be a couple of pin badges thrown in for good measure………………….(All orders will be posted week commencing 14th September, postal office are on their untimely triannual leave…)

Recently Neil had a real good chat with Ryan from Jammerzine, you can catch it here if you missed it earlier. Talking all things from album stuff to guitary stuff and a whole lot more, time flew….

Anyhow, hope you enjoy what you hear, plans are already taking shape for a new recording, as previously mentioned, of ‘covers’ for want of a better word/description, plus brand new material is being worked on so as usual, keep your ears and eyes open for anything not so but maybe a bit unusual.






Somethings on its way……


Well hello again,

Something is on its way, something that’s been banged on about for quite a while, but there you go these are the times we apparently live in……anyow, a ramble needs halting so….

The new album ‘Encemble’ is set for release on September 7th. And as a tempter for you, if you order the CD version from here you will receive the 4 track Trio E.P. as a freebie. It will also be available digitally from here as well as the normal outlets

There’s a video of a track from it called ‘Bolo’ here for you to have a watch of. Hopefully more video action to come.

After a busy spell, its quietened down a tad on the gig front but new material is being worked on and hope is high for the recording of all the many arrangements of tracks that have been played over the years. Call it, for sake of ease and a tired mind, ‘new standards’, not the greatest or satisfying but it’ll do for now. If any of you have a better way to label this then let me now.

Tracks that are on a potential list are……

Video Games


Them Bones

7 Days

Take me with you

Tijuana Lady

Mouse in a Windmill

True love will find you in the end


If that lot gets done then that’d be cool man!

Anyhow, share and share if you are of that persuasion and hope the summer is going well for ye all.

Until soon amigos!


Some days of summer good times


So, summer is here and so are some summer gigs for us lot here at NCY towers. All sort of begins tomorrow with a performance as part of the band for Sara Lowes commision for Graphene week in Manchester. Performances on Thursday afternoon from 13.10 at the Martin Harris Centre in the University campus and then Friday evening at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester also. More info at Sara Lowes and Martin Harris Centre

Then the fun continues over in Colne at The Venue on Friday 3rd of July. 5 pieces of funky good stuff for your Friday evening needs. Then its off to Newark and to Strays Coffee Shop on July 10th for a tad more of a relaxed mood with a duo gig with Nathan Bray on his shiny new trumpet

Moving on into the following week sees 5 back to back dates,

July 15th – The Windmill, nr Macclesfield for some latino duo work with Guitar and Percussion

July 16th – The Bridge Bierhuis, Burnley and a gig with Boogie Williams, a shared night of Boogie Woogie and some smokin’ rhythm and jazz.

July 17th – The Stonewell Tavern, Lancaster for some straight ahead trio action

July 18th – The Burton Ale and Jazz Festival. The trio appear at the excellent festival. Get your tickets sorted, there’s two days to go at so you can’t miss

July 19th – Maggie Mays, Sheffield. The trio finish of the week with a trip to the cool Maggie Mays and all the fun that brings!

July 25/26th – Performances with Sara Lowes and Tokolosh as part of the Cloudspotting festival

July 31 – FInally an appearance with the Sara Lowes in support of The Earlies at their London gig.

There you have it, July. The album is completed and will be released later in the summer. Keep you ears and eyes open for bits of playings and other info over the next few weeks and months.


Cheers y’all, see you at a gig or three.



Time to unlock th' shed, Spring's ere lad!

now then, been busy since last outing. Great gigs of all sorts and then finally finishing the new album off and when that were done, a trio EP came hot off the back of it too so 2 for the price of 1 there!

The new album is called ‘Encemble’ a very very clever play on the label name and the size of band, I can not stress the clever word play enough there. Its an 8 piece band made up of……

Ben McCabe + Richard Young – Drum Kits

Alan Whitham – Electric/Double Bass

Nathan Bray + Josef Ward – Trumpets

Nicky Madden – Baritone Saxophone

Matt Robinson – Clarinet/Bass Clarinet

Neil C. Young – Guitar

All original material written by Neil and recorded in a slightly unorthadox manner from the usual. Recorded in Colne, Morecambe, Newark and Manchester using the power of the telephone cabling system and th’ internet to get the job done. The results are well good! (bit biased but so what!) release will follow late summer but if you’re nice and turn up to a gig, you never know what might be lurking in a black box at the bottom of a guitar amp!

Three recent highlights to mention that has sparked further motivation/inspiration have been….

Jennifer Batten demo at Band on the Wall in Manchester. Howard Alden gig featuring Darren Dutson-Bromley at the Pendle Sandwitch Bar in Colne and then just this last friday the Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre. Funny buggers I tell thee. So much to take from each of them too much for now, I’ve a brew to make gaddamit!

Carrying on the gig theme, upcoming gigs are on the gigs page and the home page but along with those ones, there also some exciting other ones that Neil’s heavily involved in, in order of dates,

Playing for the mighty Liam Frost at the O2 Academy Leeds on Tuesday 2nd June and the O2 Academy Liverpool on Wednesday 3rd June


With Sara Lowes on June 26th for the world premiere of her commission for the Graphene Institute in Manchester. Which is part of international Graphene week. Much more info available at the Graphene Institute website. Its unbelievable what it is and what you can do, again, not for now, my brew water needs adressing…

But real quickly, 2 further appearance with Liam and Sara at the Cloudspotting festival at the end of July are a bully bonus!

Thats all for now you good folk of the interworld. I’m off for my lukeish warm brew. (might swap for a lager en route….)




Yule do for me……….

Twas the year that was, and the festive period was good. Hope yours was as liquid enough as it was here at NCY towers. Gigs are up on the gigs page and there are some very exciting ones on there so hope to see you at all of em!

New album is very very close, we know that has been said since last year but this time, we mean it.. Final checks are taking place as we speak and then its off to the printers and what have you for release in the very near future.

There is a video of one of the tracks ‘Bolo’ that is also set to accompany the release and thanks to Joey Welz and all at Canadian American Records, it has already been released as one of their winter singles in the US.

Anyhow, more gigs will be posted as and when as will release of new album. You can pre order yours by contacting us here there is talk of a limited vinyl release…………………

Happy new year to you all!


Well, fun and games recently up at NCY towers, car parking fiasco’s, discovering the power of a Stanny’s pasty, making video’s, editing new albums, all going off.

New album is taking shape with a release on Canadian American Records imminent hopefully before Christmas too. A video for the track ‘Bolo’ is currently being edited to accompany the single so that’ll be available for your eyes in the not too distant future.

New material is falling out of the ether at an alarming rate so 2015 should see a regular carousel of new tracks airborne! Hydrant being the first of many. For those able to attend the gig at The Yardbird, Birmingham on Nov 20th should hear the first public performance of the track.

This past week saw a great gig with none other than award winning Soweto Kinch (Alto Saxophone/Rap), Gary Boyle (Guitar), Jake Edmondson (Alto Sax), Sam Dale (Guitar) and the other trio dude Richard Young (Drums) and Alan Whitham (Bass). All put together by the marvellous Sam Dale as a one off gig and it worked a treat. Soweto rapping over a ‘creepy’ bonfire night groove involving a tale of Yeti’s and Unicorns. Yup, all fantastical stuff.

Upcoming gigs are – November 20th Qtet@Yardbird, Birmingham; November 21st Duo@Cellar Bar, Barnoldswick;

Keep warm and dry people, unless  you are in the southern hemisphere in which case, stay cool!


Times running out…….

A gentle reminder that there are 2 singles available from the new album, ‘Encemble’ as a free download but only for a limited time and that time is running out!

Firstly there is ‘Kow poo bin goo’ available from this site here

and secondly, ‘Chalky Downs’ is available as part of Jazz Times artist download program for July and August and that link is http://jazztimes.com/mp3s/392

The final two tracks for the album are taking shape nicely. The line up for the new album is as follows ;

Neil C. Young – Guitar

Alan Whitham – Bass Guitar

Richard Young – Drum Kit

Ben McCabe – Drum Kit

Nathan Bray – Trumpet

Josef Ward – Trumpet

Matt Robinson – Bass Clarinet, Clarinet

Nicky Madden – Baritone Saxophone

As you can see, it a different line up to previous albums, as they have all been based around the trio, but this is 2 kits, 4 horns of plezure!

Gigs are being planned for the full 8 piece later in the year  so keep an eye out for those, but in the meantime, there are quartet and duo gigs featuring members of the ‘Encemble’ are a coming, check out the gig listings for more info on the site.

Hopefully see you at one or more!