Take a seat EP

Neil C Young – Take a seat ep

In this high-speed world of quick fix downloads and digital information there it is sometimes little opportunity to relish some of music’s more delicate offerings.

In Neil C Young’s Take a seat e.p. We are invited to savour his trio of self-penned compositions, which blends an assorted mix of styles with his own unique and playful harmonising.

From the immediate fast bop of ‘That Darned’ through the gentle drifting, ‘The Green Man of Granada’, and ending with another Latin flavoured piece ‘Agua Calientes’; which always brings to my mind perfect accompaniment for an exotic coastal night drive. We are given insight into not only the artist tastes in guitar led jazz but also his gift of arranging simple themes with often-complex harmonies.

So why not take the time to kick off your shoes, sit back, relax and take a seat ~ and listen in to Neil C. Young.

Rob Marshall. March 2006

Author: TheIncredible

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