2016, one of the most sought after years on record….well, maybe, we’ll see but, new year and a few gigs acoming. Got some new pieces being written to follow the encemble album and the trio EP. Trying to develop some new writing ideas and thoughts so we’ll see how that all goes.

Just before the festive period, the marvellous Sahar Homami created this wonderful animation for the track ‘Hydrant’. She was fantastic to work work with between here, Montreal and Berlin it was a truly intercontinental collaboration, there will be another to follow soon. This video also follows the video produced by the numero uno guy in town, Alex Cowland for the track ‘Bolo’ which you can view…………

The latest releases ‘Encemble’ and ‘Trio E.P.’ have been gaining the odd review here and there over the past few weeks and months, a few are up here on the press pages but they are all on the interblip anyhow so search away folks!

Gigs are coming in one by one for 2016 so keep an eye out for em and hopefully catch you at one or all!

Happy new year y’all!

P.S. I just found this and its mesmerising in every way possible. I want more and answers as to why it took so long to find, Damn it!!! but a big thankyou to Sara McCarthy and the power of social media……anyways, please listen, watch and enjoy!

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