September in the rain


So, it’s finally done and the album is available here and for those who order a CD will receive a free, I repeat, a free trio EP and a badge or two. Now itunes et al won’t give you that will they now! So…………….(It as also available from all other main online shops should you prefer)

New ideas are already on the go, long awaited ‘covers’ recording is slowly taking shape and news will follow in due course. New material and projects are also taking shape and hopefully a new video or two to boot. Should keep everyone busy and warm over the autumnal months.

Upcoming gig at the Venue in Colne on October 16th for some funky shtit, and as usual, as gigs come in you’ll find out on ere and there and whatever else is linked to this site.

Hope you’re all well and hopefully you’ll enjoy the new stuff!


Laters, ladies and gents!

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