Na then…..


How do all, the summer is still ere, somewhere between the coldness but still here nonetheless but hopefully soon to warm us all is some new tunes courtesy of a new album and new EP!

September 7th is the release date for digital downloads from this website (and more popularly used ones….) but also if you order your CD album you’ll get a new Neil C. Young Trio EP for free! For free I tells ya, and whats more, there may be a couple of pin badges thrown in for good measure………………….(All orders will be posted week commencing 14th September, postal office are on their untimely triannual leave…)

Recently Neil had a real good chat with Ryan from Jammerzine, you can catch it here if you missed it earlier. Talking all things from album stuff to guitary stuff and a whole lot more, time flew….

Anyhow, hope you enjoy what you hear, plans are already taking shape for a new recording, as previously mentioned, of ‘covers’ for want of a better word/description, plus brand new material is being worked on so as usual, keep your ears and eyes open for anything not so but maybe a bit unusual.






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