Somethings on its way……


Well hello again,

Something is on its way, something that’s been banged on about for quite a while, but there you go these are the times we apparently live in……anyow, a ramble needs halting so….

The new album ‘Encemble’ is set for release on September 7th. And as a tempter for you, if you order the CD version from here you will receive the 4 track Trio E.P. as a freebie. It will also be available digitally from here as well as the normal outlets

There’s a video of a track from it called ‘Bolo’ here for you to have a watch of. Hopefully more video action to come.

After a busy spell, its quietened down a tad on the gig front but new material is being worked on and hope is high for the recording of all the many arrangements of tracks that have been played over the years. Call it, for sake of ease and a tired mind, ‘new standards’, not the greatest or satisfying but it’ll do for now. If any of you have a better way to label this then let me now.

Tracks that are on a potential list are……

Video Games


Them Bones

7 Days

Take me with you

Tijuana Lady

Mouse in a Windmill

True love will find you in the end


If that lot gets done then that’d be cool man!

Anyhow, share and share if you are of that persuasion and hope the summer is going well for ye all.

Until soon amigos!


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