Some days of summer good times


So, summer is here and so are some summer gigs for us lot here at NCY towers. All sort of begins tomorrow with a performance as part of the band for Sara Lowes commision for Graphene week in Manchester. Performances on Thursday afternoon from 13.10 at the Martin Harris Centre in the University campus and then Friday evening at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester also. More info at Sara Lowes and Martin Harris Centre

Then the fun continues over in Colne at The Venue on Friday 3rd of July. 5 pieces of funky good stuff for your Friday evening needs. Then its off to Newark and to Strays Coffee Shop on July 10th for a tad more of a relaxed mood with a duo gig with Nathan Bray on his shiny new trumpet

Moving on into the following week sees 5 back to back dates,

July 15th – The Windmill, nr Macclesfield for some latino duo work with Guitar and Percussion

July 16th – The Bridge Bierhuis, Burnley and a gig with Boogie Williams, a shared night of Boogie Woogie and some smokin’ rhythm and jazz.

July 17th – The Stonewell Tavern, Lancaster for some straight ahead trio action

July 18th – The Burton Ale and Jazz Festival. The trio appear at the excellent festival. Get your tickets sorted, there’s two days to go at so you can’t miss

July 19th – Maggie Mays, Sheffield. The trio finish of the week with a trip to the cool Maggie Mays and all the fun that brings!

July 25/26th – Performances with Sara Lowes and Tokolosh as part of the Cloudspotting festival

July 31 – FInally an appearance with the Sara Lowes in support of The Earlies at their London gig.

There you have it, July. The album is completed and will be released later in the summer. Keep you ears and eyes open for bits of playings and other info over the next few weeks and months.


Cheers y’all, see you at a gig or three.



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