Time to unlock th' shed, Spring's ere lad!

now then, been busy since last outing. Great gigs of all sorts and then finally finishing the new album off and when that were done, a trio EP came hot off the back of it too so 2 for the price of 1 there!

The new album is called ‘Encemble’ a very very clever play on the label name and the size of band, I can not stress the clever word play enough there. Its an 8 piece band made up of……

Ben McCabe + Richard Young – Drum Kits

Alan Whitham – Electric/Double Bass

Nathan Bray + Josef Ward – Trumpets

Nicky Madden – Baritone Saxophone

Matt Robinson – Clarinet/Bass Clarinet

Neil C. Young – Guitar

All original material written by Neil and recorded in a slightly unorthadox manner from the usual. Recorded in Colne, Morecambe, Newark and Manchester using the power of the telephone cabling system and th’ internet to get the job done. The results are well good! (bit biased but so what!) release will follow late summer but if you’re nice and turn up to a gig, you never know what might be lurking in a black box at the bottom of a guitar amp!

Three recent highlights to mention that has sparked further motivation/inspiration have been….

Jennifer Batten demo at Band on the Wall in Manchester. Howard Alden gig featuring Darren Dutson-Bromley at the Pendle Sandwitch Bar in Colne and then just this last friday the Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre. Funny buggers I tell thee. So much to take from each of them too much for now, I’ve a brew to make gaddamit!

Carrying on the gig theme, upcoming gigs are on the gigs page and the home page but along with those ones, there also some exciting other ones that Neil’s heavily involved in, in order of dates,

Playing for the mighty Liam Frost at the O2 Academy Leeds on Tuesday 2nd June and the O2 Academy Liverpool on Wednesday 3rd June


With Sara Lowes on June 26th for the world premiere of her commission for the Graphene Institute in Manchester. Which is part of international Graphene week. Much more info available at the Graphene Institute website. Its unbelievable what it is and what you can do, again, not for now, my brew water needs adressing…

But real quickly, 2 further appearance with Liam and Sara at the Cloudspotting festival at the end of July are a bully bonus!

Thats all for now you good folk of the interworld. I’m off for my lukeish warm brew. (might swap for a lager en route….)




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