Well, fun and games recently up at NCY towers, car parking fiasco’s, discovering the power of a Stanny’s pasty, making video’s, editing new albums, all going off.

New album is taking shape with a release on Canadian American Records imminent hopefully before Christmas too. A video for the track ‘Bolo’ is currently being edited to accompany the single so that’ll be available for your eyes in the not too distant future.

New material is falling out of the ether at an alarming rate so 2015 should see a regular carousel of new tracks airborne! Hydrant being the first of many. For those able to attend the gig at The Yardbird, Birmingham on Nov 20th should hear the first public performance of the track.

This past week saw a great gig with none other than award winning Soweto Kinch (Alto Saxophone/Rap), Gary Boyle (Guitar), Jake Edmondson (Alto Sax), Sam Dale (Guitar) and the other trio dude Richard Young (Drums) and Alan Whitham (Bass). All put together by the marvellous Sam Dale as a one off gig and it worked a treat. Soweto rapping over a ‘creepy’ bonfire night groove involving a tale of Yeti’s and Unicorns. Yup, all fantastical stuff.

Upcoming gigs are – November 20th Qtet@Yardbird, Birmingham; November 21st Duo@Cellar Bar, Barnoldswick;

Keep warm and dry people, unless  you are in the southern hemisphere in which case, stay cool!


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